Since 2016, Adventure Expeditions has provisioned outdoor activities for thousands of people across the UK. They are one of the leading Duke of Edinburgh programme providers for individuals, schools and groups of all ages.

Working with Anna Clark, we set out to complete a full overhaul of their existing website and booking system.

The Challenge

Much of the day to day for the team was managing paperwork, consent forms, taking orders manually over the phone and also balancing this with a basic booking system they had previously developed.

As Adventure Expeditions had grown exponentially, so did their need for a more seamless experience for their customers. As booking volumes increased, their old workflow was not ready to scale up.

The Solution

Because such a wide range of different outdoor activities are provisioned, it was quickly apparent that we would need a complete restructure of information on the website.

Our end goal was to help users find what they were looking for as quickly as possible – and we achieved this with a properly structured navigation menu, contextual call to actions and allowing multiple ways for users to reach the same destination.

We also discovered that visitors tend to be more engaged with imagery – and fortunately for us, the team had a huge archive of images we could access.

Booking & Consent Form

Together, we rebuilt the booking system from scratch, and removed the need for paper documentation throughout the whole booking process. From start to finish, all bookings can be created, processed and organised online without a need for excess paperwork.

An online consent form was built, which gets sent out to every participant automatically when they make a booking – taking a digital signature online and removing the need for a paper consent form – Dramatically decreasing admin time.

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