Property rental. Done differently.

Placefirst are a residential lettings company and property developer based in Manchester, UK. Their aim is to build neighbourhoods for working families that are safe, secure and meet the comforts of modern family living.

Whilst working at Touchsoft, I was tasked with the design and development of a responsive website.

The Challenge

In the space of just a few years, Placefirst as a business had grown at an exponential rate with multiple developments being built simultaneously, but because of this rapid growth their website had become less effective in advertising to potential tenants, councils and investors.

The previous website was not mobile friendly which affected search rankings, it contained outdated information on developments and did not have a modern appearance.

The Result

Fresh, Modern, Informative.

Working closely with both key stakeholders and the internal design team, we developed several iterations of wireframes, taking into account user journey and identifying a funnel to encourage applications.

As a primarily consumer driven platform, ensuring the responsiveness and usability of the website on different devices was paramount to the success and usefulness.

Moving Forward

Many iterations and tweaks to Placefirst have been made since launch. Using data gathered from several analytics tools and user feedback, we clearly understood what visitors wanted and were looking for.

Data that was gathered allowed changes and tweaks to the user journey, guiding visitors in the right direction, increasing applications and refining the way information is presented.

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