Skincare –
Done Better.

As part of rapid growth within the digital healthcare industry, Stadn Ltd set out to change how we interact with dermatologists.

I was fully responsible for the look and usability of the app, which included Branding & Guidelines, UX/UI Design, Web App Design and App Design.


A Versatile Logo.

Working with an open brief for branding, I tweaked and refined ideas to create an original logo which would be used in all media formats.

The result is inspired with the simplicity of current design trends. Colours and shapes are picked based on those frequently used within both the medical and health & beauty industry.

App Design

End to end UX/UI Design.

The initial idea for the app was drawn on a scrap of paper, driven by the core idea of allowing patients of all backgrounds and ages to submit their skin problem, which would then be referred to an expert dermatologist for analysis and diagnosis.

Almost all skin conditions can be analysed and diagnosed with a photo, but the traditional processes in place require a patient to book a face to face appointment which can sometimes take months for the first visit.

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