A doctor on demand.

FitBit Assist is an app designed to connect employees with a doctor, quickly and effortlessly.

Designed as part of a healthcare package, the app allows users to book appointments, get medical help on demand 24/7, and watch videos on basic health advice they can follow, anywhere at any time.

An effortless user experience.

Based on a previous framework I developed internally, the Fitbit Assist app followed a similar booking procedure which puts the user’s intentions first by minimising the effort and steps required.

I was responsible for everything, from the wireframes through to high fidelity designs and prototyping. This involved working with Fitbit’s branding guidelines and ensuring the app looked and felt like a Fitbit app.

Extra features.

Alongside the main features of the app, users could view information about travelling to new countries, using information from the latest World Health Organisation updates.

The video feature allows users to access and download a library of videos that could help in an emergency situation. For example, a being in a remote location without mobile signal and nearby medical support.

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