Sid Sottung Academy

Sid Sottung Academy is one of Europe’s finest barbering schools. Based in Nottinghamshire, the academy has been running for over 5 years and enrolls students from all over the world every month.

Having worked for Vidal Sassoon and appearing on countless TV shows in all four corners – Sid is a truly master of his craft. Along with Ivy Media, I have been responsible for the branding, print, website and online logistics since 2011.


Coming from humble beginnings as a ‘build your own’ website, the website has recently been completely redesigned and redeveloped from the ground up to be fully mobile responsive and to look absolutely stunning.

Website analytics showed that 75% of the visitors on the website were coming from mobile devices, therefore it was of paramount importance the website needed a mobile first approach. Utilising a sliding mobile navigation drawer with multiple levels helps users to quickly navigate the courses and find what they are looking for, in a quick, slick fashion.

Many considerations have been made in terms of content prioritisation, sizing, speed testing on multiple devices on multiple platforms to ensure the best user experience.

I have implemented a completely automated bookings and deposits system, along with an online store, personalised customer emails, reminders and many more featured. This has allowed the academy to open up to the digital era, putting them way ahead of the competition, not to mention saving hours of administration time! All customer details, bookings and store orders are managed from a bespoke Dashboard the user can access.

This is the academy’s biggest step to date, and there will be many exciting years of innovation to come.

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Back in 2011, I designed the first branding guide for the academy, and it has stood the test of time with only very minor tweaks. For the website relaunch, a multi-tone gold colour palette was brought together to further communicate class, sophistication and the highest possible quality of teaching as the driving points of the business.

Gold is a colour recognised all over the world for it’s high end appearance and appeal – complementing whites and creams add breathing space to the modern, full-screen blocked design.

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