A fun little project comprising of a pixel art wallpaper set which changes based on the time of day wherever the user is. The Reddit community loved this project, and BitDay got to the front page twice in one week! Check it out here…




As BitDay was an overnight success, I quickly needed to come up with an identity that was unique, represented the project and would be recognised instantly with those familiar with BitDay.

I came up with a minimal design, which is a pixellated square, with each column representing the respective time of day, the first column being morning, next being afternoon and so on…

BitDay Live

In collaboration with Alan Wright, we have created BitDay Live – Your new homepage. Based on the time where you are in the world, the background will change and show you the current time.

BitDay Live

With help from developers and designers in every continent, we are slowly building on BitDay, with future plans to develop mobile applications, as well as a desktop client which supports multiple monitors, screen savers and browser start pages.


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