3 Ways To Speed Up Your WordPress Site Right Now

I’ve been focusing a lot of time lately on page performance, learning about the best ways to optimise websites to load quicker. A significant part of the overall user experience is the delivery time. So here are three things you can do right now to add instant speed to your WordPress website.

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Creating a Responsive, Filterable Portfolio in WordPress That’s Actually Good.

Something I’ve always been frustrated with in the WordPress world is the lack of a simple, filterable portfolio plugin. There are hundreds of gallery and portfolio plugins, but they’re all either outdated, heavily locked down with little freedom to change the design, or they’re based on the freemium model and invade your WordPress Dashboard with ads to buy the premium version.

Until I found Jetpack’s fantastic Portfolio custom post type option. Don’t get me wrong, you can very easily create your own custom post type and use this tutorial in the exact same way, but since I already have Jetpack installed, it’s counter productive to do otherwise.

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