India 2015: Preparation

By Danny Care / On / In Travel, Volunteering

In 12 days I will be travelling to India for 3 months! I’ll be travelling with a charity called Restless Development, working in rural communities with children, teaching them basic skills such as CV writing, basic english and maths and health skills such as maintaining hygiene and preventing exposure to tropical diseases and viruses.

In all honesty I’m very nervous because I don’t know what to expect, although I have been to India before, it was a long time ago and we travelled to New Delhi to visit in-laws. This time we will be travelling to Chennai, South East India which is much more rural and traditional.

I’ve met everyone who is on the India 2015 team this year at a training weekend in Warrington which was amazing and full of incredibly kind, gifted people whom I can’t wait to see again!

The only sad part is that when we all reach India, we are to be separated into smaller groups and we won’t see each other for the majority of the time we are there. Fortunately, we have Facebook groups to keep in touch!

I’m going to try and blog as much as I can when I am in the country, however access will be very limited. For the time being, I’m preparing everything, I have checklists and hoops to jump through and as last Friday marked my official last day at work, the realisation I will soon be on a plane travelling half way across the world is definitely sinking in.